Founded in 1985, Mikron Manufacturing, Inc. offers full service fabricated sheet metal, CNC precision machining and mechanical, electro-mechanical assembly products.
NAICS Code 33271

Our Mission
Mikron Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to delivering the best and highest quality products and services at a competitive price and assuring customer satisfaction. Our goal is to be the "Supplier of Choice" for fabricated sheet metal, CNC precision machining and assembly products. Mikron will provide continuous improvements of processes and products, increase efficiencies and effectiveness and utilize the latest technologies. We will seek to employ and nourish motivate individuals by recruiting and providing training, a team environment, a reliable and responsive organization and a safe workplace. As a result, Mikron will maintain profitability and be a respectable member of the community. 

Mikron Manufacturing, Inc. is proudly distinguished from its competition by the quality of our manufacturing services and the ease with which we collaborate and partner with our customers.

Our Pricing
Pricing is specific to the customer's requirements. Factors include:complexity
material quality and type, etc.
Our pricing is fair and competitive. Because of our quality emphasis, we do not compete strictly on price but a combination of price, quality, useful life cycle, responsiveness, reliability and service.

Our Market Areas

Primary Market Area:
The main area, as a percentage of revenues, is the Colorado Front Range from Fort Collins to Pueblo.
Secondary Market Area:
The remaining market areas, as a percentage of revenues, are within the State of Colorado. Both Directly and indirectly, Mikron has products in Asia, Europe, Central America and South America.